Eddy C. Borera

Assistant Professor


Educational Background

  1. PH.D. in Computer Science, Texas Tech University (2012)
    Topic: Applying Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes in Anesthesia Control.
    Advisor: Dr. Larry D. Pyeat
  2. M.S. in Computer Science, Texas Tech University (2010)
    Thesis: Pruning POMDP Linear Functions with the Kaczmarz Iterative Method.
    Advisor: Dr. Larry D. Pyeatt
  3. B.S. in Computer Science, Abilene Christian University (2008)
    Minor in Mathematics.

Previous Employment and Extracurricular Activities

  1. Graduate Research Assistant — Texas Tech University — Developed novel techniques
    to optimize existing Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP) solvers
    and apply them in silico in closed-loop control of anesthesia. Applying Machine learn-
    ing algorithms — Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Clus-
    tering, and Bayesian techniques — in anesthesia control. (2010-2012)
  2. Graduate Research Assistant — Texas Tech University— Developed and applied filter-
    ing techniques, which are based on hyperplane arrangements, to Partially Observable
    Markov Decision Process.(2008-2010)
  3. Web Programmer — Abilene Christian University— Maintained and upgraded the ACU
    I.T website and work orders system (Motorhelp) using PHP/MySQL/JQuery.
    Extended the department’s web applications to include an easy to use online appoint-
    ment systems for customers, along with user friendly charts to track work orders and
    feedbacks from customers.

Academic Contributions

  1. Eddy C. Borera, Brett L. Moore, and Larry D. Pyeatt. Partially observable markov
    decision process for closed-loop anesthesia control. In Proceedings of the 20th Euro-
    pean Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), pages 949–954, Montpellier, France,
    August 27–31 2012.
  2. Eddy C. Borera, Brett L. Moore, Anthony G. Doufas, and Larry D. Pyeatt. An Adaptive
    Neural Network Filter for Improved Patient State Estimation in Closed-Loop Anesthe-
    sia Control. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial
    Inteligence (ICTAI), Boca Raton, Florida, USA, November 7–9 2011.
  3. Eddy C. Borera and Larry D. Pyeatt. Offline policy optimization: Using online monte
    carlo simulation-based techniques to deal with changes in dynamic environments. In
    Proceedings on the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelli-
    gent Systems (ICIS), Guangzhou, China, November 18–20 2011.
  4. Eddy C. Borera, Madhi Naser-Moghadasi, Arisoa S. Randrianasolo, and Larry D.
    Pyeatt. POMDP Filter: Pruning POMDP value functions with the Kaczmarz Iterative
    Method. In Proceedings of the 9th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intel-
    ligence (MICAI), pages 254–265, Pachuca, Mexico, November 2010. Springer.

Honors and Awards

  1. Third Place, ICAPS 2011 International Probabilistic Planning Competition (IPPC). 2011
  2. VP ARRA Fellowship, Texas Tech University. 2011
  3. CS Department Competitive Scholarship, Texas Tech University. 2008-2010
  4.  Madagascar Presidential Scholarship. 2004-2008