Graduate M.S. Degree Programs

Whether you currently work in IT or are looking to move into one of the fastest growing and most in-demand careers, our master’s degree and certificate programs will prepare you to lead in a rapidly changing field that many are simply trying to catch up to.

Study either data science, information technology, or software engineering in a compressed format (usually one year), so you can get to changing the world that much faster.

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Benefits of the Master's Program

What do students gain by completing a CCT master’s program?

Student analyze problem on whiteboard. Graduate Programs in Lipscomb University College of Computing and Technology

Our graduate programs are focused on delivering a high quality educational experience in a compressed format.  We recognize that students (and often their sponsoring organizations) are making a significant investment when they participate in an CCT graduate program.  Because of this, we are intensely focused on making sure there is a clear value that students can derive by completing the program. 

First, each CCT graduate program is designed to provide a broad and well-rounded education around the chosen area of study.  Corporate citizens often become consumed by a narrow content area within their organization, failing to see the forest for the trees.  Exposing our students to issues surrounding the greater organizational, industry and regulatory context allows them to extend their thinking and elevate their potential contribution at work, in the community and within the home. This is especially important for those students looking to move upwards within an organization or cross into a new organizational context. 

Second, all CCT graduate programs culminate in a practicum or capstone project guided by CCT faculty and focused on a subject of interest within the student’s chosen discipline.  The demands of this project is intense, but the outcome is expected to demonstrate a student’s expertise in a specific area while also contributing to the greater body of knowledge in their discipline.  The capstone project is a way to encourage thought leadership from our students, a goal that has direct and meaningful results for organizations within and beyond Middle Tennessee.  Students use their practicum or capstone project to tackle real organizational problems in novel and interesting ways.  When done well, it serves as a springboard within and beyond the individual’s organization.