Margo Owen


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Hometown: Tampa, FL

Current Work: Full-Time Mom, Part-Time Landscape Designer

ISP Degree Program: M.S. in Sustainable Practice

Academic Focus: Renewable Energy; Green Building and Design; Resource Conservation

Undergraduate Degree: Electrical Engineering, University of Florida

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Sustainability means living in community and harmony with all other life on the planet. It requires me to be intentional with my daily choices, for the greater good, and provides spiritual freedom by allowing me to live in good integrity. 

Professional/Personal Goals for Attending the ISP: I would like to evolve my background in engineering landscape architecture and motherhood into the career of a generalist scientist. I want to learn holistic analysis and be transformed by my graduate school experience. I would like to accept a position that uses all of my creative talents and abilities in ways that are rewarding to me and one that promotes the tenets of sustainability. My overall goals is to increase my knowledge and awareness of current global challenges and determine what I can do to be a positive influence on all people, places, and things I encounter. It is my hope that each action and interaction of mine will help build a foundation for the future well being of our planet and all living things.