Jan Walters


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Name: Jan M Walters                    

Hometown: Hattiesburg MS        

Occupation: Sales and Marketing Professional

Undergraduate Institution and major: BS in Marketing from University of S. Mississippi 

BIO: I was raised within on a farm and always enjoyed spending time out of doors, working in the garden, walks in our woods, etc.  This early life experience was something I took for granted until reaching adulthood.  Over the years, I have had growing concerns regarding the treatment of the environment and impact on our health, communities, and the beauty of nature.

At this point in my life, I wish to contribute to the changes that must occur in order to further sustain and grow our natural world.

Changing my career path to a sustainable focus will fulfill my personal desire to contribute back to the community as well as do so in a way that I find rewarding. The focus on sustainability is one that is a personal passion.

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