Brian Batey


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Current Work: Director of Web Development, Corporate Board Member

Degree: Green M.B.A.

Brian received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Lipscomb University in 1998.  He is currently a Software Engineer in the financial industry and working on his MBA with a concentration in Sustainability. Interests include renewable energy, energy efficiency, security and technology, business and finance, and the promotion of a plant-based diet.

"With 10+ years of experience as a software engineer, I can't help but focus on efficiency and effectiveness in everything I do.  This inherent need to constantly maximize performance and eliminate waste is what drove me to take an interest in sustainable practices.  When it comes to implementing broad changes for better or worse, there is no more powerful player than the business community.  I chose to go into the MBA program because I feel that would put me in the best position to improve our planet and the lives of the people on it.  I like to consider myself a capitalist/hippie/geek hybrid."