Ron Taylor


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Current Work: Project Manager at LightWave Solar Electric

Degree: M.S. in Sustainability

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Geology; B.S. in Geography, Western Kentucky University

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I have always had an affinity for the outdoors and how nature functions.  As a child, my grandfather owned his own farm that had no running water or modern conveniences.  As I grew older, this simplistic way of life intrigued me.   I realized through my undergraduate studies of Geology and Geography that the earth functioned cyclically and holistically, just like my grandfather’s farm.  Sustainability is a culmination of these cyclical and holistic visions that promote the understanding of the environment, economics, and social aspects of how our lives function.  As an environmental consultant and construction services manager, my main goal from my studies within the Institute for Sustainable Practices is to gain the knowledge to facilitate open thought processes to assist my clients with understanding how sustainable practices can create a holistic product and increase their triple-bottom line.