Samantha Hart


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Current Work: Volunteer Sustainability Consultant at Green Loop (Nashville)

Degree: M.S. in Sustainability

Academic Interests: Renewable energy, green building, education

Additional Degrees and Accomplishments: B.S. in Concrete Industry Management, Middle Tennessee State University
- OHSA 30, ACI Level 1 Certified, Tennessee Apprentice Occupational Education License - Masonry, and other Florida-based concrete related certifications
- LEED Green Associate

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Not knowing what she wanted to do, Samantha enrolled in the CIM program at MTSU and fell in love with the opportunities that the construction industry holds. As she moved forward with her career, Samantha never felt the fulfillment she desired. Her mind always returned to a sustainable product that she did her capstone on while in the CIM program. When she learned of Lipscomb's sustainability program she knew that she had found the key to her future. Samantha is interested in pursuing a career in green building, obtaining her LEED certification, and getting involved in sustainable water management.