Summer Sustainability Travel Course Announced: Vermont

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Sustainable Travel Course Summer 2011
"Roots of Sustainability" Tour Through Vermont and New England July 9-14, 2011

Travel with teachers, fellow classmates and Nashville’s sustainability leaders to the birthplace of the American conservation movement, which served as the platform for today’s green businesses and living revolution. Experience sustainabililty first hand through Lipscomb ISP’s annual Vermont travel option available for Master’s of Science, Green MBA, and Certificate students or simply as a travel guest. Explore issues and environments visiting this sustainability intensive locales, all organized by ISP and fulfilling program requirements and fun. This trip is carefully planned for each student to build on their concentration within sustainability. Travel experiences are deepened by additional readings and coursework, a personal journal and concludes with electronic, graphic, and narrative portfolios of their personal experiences and lessons.
Students may attend as a non-student participant, for-credit graduate students to fulfill either their Travel course, or Special Topics course. Student fees vary depending on enrollment status, but tuition covers the cost of books, airline, boarding, most meals and on-site travel.

Texts included in coursework include:

  • Changes in the Land, by William Cronon
  • Man and Nature by George Perkins Marsh
  • Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation, by Donald J. Leopold

Discover natural sites, including:

  •     Quechee State Park and Gorge - Vermont’s deepest gorge formed by glacial activity.
  •     The Applalachian Trail
  •     Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery, facilitated by The Nature Conservancy and Poultney-Mettowee Watershed Partnership.
  •     Walden’s Pond

Explore historical sites, including:

  •     President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Park
  •     State Capitol of Vermont, Montpelier, VT
  •     Vermont Historical Society Museum

Examine the latest in sustainability education trends at:

  •     University of VT Environmental Science Program:
  •     Vermont Environmental Law Program:
  •     Dartmouth University:
  •     Institute for Natural Learning:
  •     National Wildlife Federation
  •     Nature Conservancy

Learn first-hand from leaders in Green Businesses:

  •     Seventh Generation - Corporate Headquarters Briefing
  •     Stoneyfield Farms Tour- Organic Dairy Farm and Headquarters Visit
  •     Ben and Jerry’s Tour- Manufacturing Plant
  •     Grosolar:

Taste the sustainable food movement:

  •     Assorted locally owned establishments
  •     New England Culinary Institute
  •     Intervale Community Farm