Lipscomb's Green Team Finally Meeting of 2017-2018 School Year

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Lipscomb Academy Green Team


            On May 10, the Lipscomb Academy Green Team had their final meeting for the school year. It began with a small amount of announcements, and then they were straight to work! The group began pulling weeds in their garden so that they could lay mulch around the plants. They had previously planted milkweed in the garden for the purpose of butterflies being able to lay their eggs comfortably and eat the milkweed. They then migrate to Mexico. As the group was working, they talked about the things they had learned about energy recently. They talked about renewable energy, such as the solar power of the sun shining down on them on the very hot day. Once the weeds were all gone, the group laid some weed killer and mulch around the plants.

            The meeting progressed into a sort of science experiment, as each kid got a bag filled with milk, sugar, and vanilla, along with a bag of ice and salt, to create their own ice cream! This was a special treat for the final meeting, and each child really enjoyed it. The group ended off the meeting by brainstorming some ideas for next year’s meetings. One big plan that they have is to build a table to be placed outside for easy sorting of recyclable materials. The meeting finished with a big group hug, and everyone went off on their way.