7th Annual Student Sympsium


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Lipscomb University hosted its 7th annual Student Scholars Symposium this month. Among the nearly 200 presentations showcased at this event were eleven presentations from the Institute for Sustainable Practice.

  The symposium, held in Allen Arena and select classrooms throughout campus, was structured as a conference-style event where students spent the day viewing their colleague’s presentations prior to and following their own presentations.

  Noteworthy topics from the ISP included the role of bamboo in carbon sequestration, the impact of indigenous rights on deforestation and the effects of podcasts on public education regarding the importance of food sovereignty.

  Since 2015, students from the Institute for Sustainable Practice have been showcasing their research at the symposium. Many students present their work as part of their course curriculum in order to gain experience in research and formal presentations.


For many students, the learning experience of Student Scholars Symposium extends beyond the classroom. This was the case for graduate student Anna McClure, who presented her self-converted mobile tiny home as the only exhibit at this year’s symposium.

  “It was surreal to show the finished product to so many people and have them express genuine interest in the project,” McClure said. “It’s taken nearly a year to complete the build, but I’ve learned a lot about a whole spectrum of topics along the way. Now I can do everything from change a car battery and repair a leaking sink to installing solar panels and wiring lights”.

  Regardless of a project’s size or topic, students gain valuable learning experiences by presenting in the symposium. To learn more about the Student Scholars Symposium and to see photos and videos from previous presentations, visit the Lipscomb University Website. There you can also learn more about the Institute for Sustainable Practice and upcoming events.