Welcome to the USA, Giuliano Scarsi

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I had the joy of sharing a new experience, one I wish for every U.S. citizen to experience at some point in their life: I was present to watch approximately fifty folks from all over the world become U.S. citizens. I'm thankful for my citizenship but let's be honest, it's probably the easiest thing I can think of to take for granted. This day was a powerful reminder of the benefits of citizenship and the determination it takes to leave home for a new country. This event led me to reflect on my ancestors, who immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in the wave of Anabaptists fleeing religious persecution at home. What an honor to watch a colleague and friend become a U.S. citizen!
Professor Scarsi is an adjunct faculty member in the Institute for Sustainable Practice. His background is in geomorphology and natural sciences, and he has applied these interests and topics to GIS/GPS projects. He teaches undergraduate students courses in environmental biology, environmental law and policy, and environmental management and technology. 

After moving here three years ago with his wife, Rachel Stowe, who works in admissions with Lipscomb's international students, Giuliano began learning English and also began the process of becoming a United States citizen. The step I got to see on November 16 at a downtown courthouse with Giuliano, Rachel, and several other friends and family, was the final and arguably easiest step of the process. Welcome to the USA, Giuliano!