Seema Prasad spoke at the TWIG August meeting


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At this month’s TWIG (Tennessee Women In Green) meeting, Seema Prasad introduced a new innovative idea referred to as The Digester. This cutting-edge idea will be a facility with the capability to responsibly separate and utilize all food waste, trash, and recyclables. Through proper management of these materials, The Digester would be able to convert our garbage into energy to potentially power large buildings. This all-in-one facility would be positioned 5-10 miles outside of the city, on 5 acres of land, in an area that would not disrupt people’s lives. The action, otherwise known as composting, would take place 14 feet below ground. In as little as 21 days, any potential pathogens are killed, the gas produced can be converted to energy, and the nutrients left behind can be produced into fertilizer. For more news and ideas in sustainability we passionately recommend attending monthly TWIG meetings!