Update from the Move Out Waste at Lipscomb University - Spring 2017!!

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A great idea partnered with hard work and student participation creates a successful project, and that is exactly what has recently come to fruition for the ISP undergraduate students who thoughtfully organized, wisely implemented, and diligently worked throughout the Spring 2017 semester to implement a school supply recycling and donation campaign. Rather than fill roll-off waste dumpsters with useful items left behind by the mass exodus in June of students from their dormitories, ISP succeeded in collecting all manner of pens, pencils, notebooks, staplers, glue, composition books, subject dividers, craft paint…you-name-it, it-was-there items. The impressively sized cache was donated to the Pencilbox Store in Nashville, who in turn, operating as a licensed non-profit charity, sells the items at a massive discount to area teachers that, as we know, are consistently underfunded, especially when it comes to necessary school room supplies. This is a welcomed relief to overburdened teachers, as well as a profound gift to assist those students who arrive at school tired, hungry, and emptyhanded. This program not only solves a rampant waste issue, but also facilitates child development by alleviating a source of stress for both student and teacher. To be part of such a simple and effective program is its own reward, and sharing that blessing with our neighbors simply compounds the joy and broadens the project for future participation. So, if anyone wants to contribute individually, Pencilbox Store has a donation schedule online, and the address is 1300 Louisiana Ave. Better yet, if anyone feels inclined to join the program by contacting Dr. Emily Stutzman-Jones, she would welcome the assistance in filling the spots vacated by graduating seniors.


Happily serving is lovingly living! Thanks to all who helped, and let’s keep this ball rolling!