What do all the food labels mean? Join Dr. Stutzman for a discuss about food labels

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What do all the food labels mean?

Dr. Emily Stutzman Academic director of the Institute for Sustainable Practice at Lipscomb University will lead a discussion around this somewhat confusing topic. 

Dr. Stutzman holds an M.S. in rural sociology and a PhD in forestry, both from Auburn University. Her academic inquiry applies the sociology of agriculture, natural resources. Her past research includes surveying behaviors and attitudes of fish farmers in Uganda, adoption of biological controls by fruit and vegetable growers in Florida, and forest landowners and forestry professionals in Alabama who are experimenting with agroforestry systems combining pine trees and livestock. She attends the Georgia Organics conference each year. 

What do all the food labels mean? There's so much to read at the grocery store! Some labels confirm agricultural production standards (e.g. USDA Certified Organic) and others to farm animal treatment (e.g. cage-free, humanely raised). Third-party certifying organizations certify food products as environmentally sustainable (e.g. Certified Naturally Grown) as well as socially and economically conscious for growers and workers within the food system (e.g. Fair Trade Certified, Equal Exchange). The goal of these labels is to give consumers more influence over the food system by purchasing products that align with their values. This session will help consumers understand the labels and use them to make food purchase decisions.

We will host this discussion in our store conference room. Please email: jennifer.anthony@wholefoods.com - to register