Awards Ceremony for Lipscomb Undergraduate Students


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The awards ceremony for Lipscomb undergraduate students was held on the evening of April 23 at Longview Mansion, a historic home in Green Hills. Environmental and sustainability sciences students Kyle Smith and Courtney Chrystl received awards. The excellence in sustainability research and application award went to senior Kyle Smith, in recognition of his involvement in research and construction of a wastewater treatment system at the Village of Hope orphanage in Ghana, West Africa. Kyle continues this work by returning to Ghana this summer.  Courtney Christl received the campus change-maker award for her organizing work as president of Share Our Supper, a student-run effort to bring unused food from the cafeteria at Lipscomb University to the Nashville Food Project, where it is distributed to food insecure Nashvillians. She hosted a local Food Waste Challenge event in the spring and was a part of bringing Share Our Supper into the national Food Recovery Network. Both of these students exemplified the creative channeling of resources to meet the basic needs of people locally and globally in economically feasible ways. 

Here's a link to a blog post Kyle wrote about his current work on the wastewater treatment system.

This is a link to Lipscomb's Share Our Supper Facebook page. 

Congratulate these students next time you see them and be sure to keep us in the loop of other good work undergraduate and grad students in the Institute for Sustainable Practice are up to!