Cumberland River Compact- The Nashville Food Project

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On February 22nd, the Cumberland River Compact welcomed The Nashville Food Project! Lauren, the director of The Nashville Food Project, opened her talk by playing popcorn with the audience. Once introductions were over she began by sharing The Nashville Food Project’s mission, which is to bring people together to grow, cook, and share nutritious food. In Nashville, 40% of food goes uneaten, 90% gets wasted (best used by date), and 1 out of 7 people live in poverty. Their meal program provides 3,000 meals a week; that go to after school programs and people that live in poverty. In addition, they have three gardens that give anyone the chance to get involved in growing and sharing organic food; last year alone, their market garden generated $16,000! Lauren ended her presentation by sharing thanks with every individual that came and people who signed up to volunteer! She provides motivation and hope that Nashville can continue to grow and help those in need.