New online Masters Program in Sustainability

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Beginning in March of 2018, Lipscomb’s Institute for Sustainable Practice will be launching an online option for our master’s students. Now students can choose to earn their degree online, on-campus, or through a combination of online and on-campus classes, giving students the opportunity to match their education to their passion in a convenient environment that fits their schedule.

  Much of the online program mirrors our established on-campus degree path, all while offering the availability of taking classes at any location, on any given day and at the time that fits each student’s schedule. This new offering makes it possible for students from across the country to learn the skillsets needed to empower their communities for a brighter tomorrow and a sustainable future. 

  The online option provides an opportunity for our students to choose one of three learning environments that best suits their needs: 

  1. All On-Campus: All of our classes will still be offered in an on-campus format, which allows for students to choose an all-on-campus experience with face-to-face interactions with their professors and other students.

2. All Online: A full Master's of Sustainable Practice will have the availability to be taken online. Therefore, students can choose an option to earn a Master's or Certificate in Sustainable Practice from afar, or tailored to fit their schedule via online classes. These classes will incorporate video components that help personalize the online experience, so students don’t miss out on the personalization of our program.

3. Combination of On-Campus and Online: With the addition of an online option for students, we are now able to give our students the option to pick and choose which classes they want to take in-person and which classes they will take online.

  This is truly a degree that students can tailor to their schedule and availability, while still completing the entire program in as little as 15 months! In addition to these options, we also have a degree path that is a dual degree where students earn a Master's in Sustainable Practice and a Master's in Business Administration.

To learn more about educational opportunities available through Lipscomb’s Institute for Sustainable Practice contact us via email at: 

We are currently accepting students for our spring classes that start in March. To begin your journey in earning an online, on-campus, or combination of on-campus and online master's degree, start your online application today! You may begin your application online here. To celebrate the launch of our online program, use application discount code: ISPonline to waive your application fee! 

  Already earned a graduate degree in Sustainable Practice from Lipscomb? Help us get the word out about our new online offerings! Simply share this email or comment on social media using #ISPonline to let the world know. 

  As always, we are thrilled about the ways that Lipscomb is dedicated to supporting people, profit AND planet—we hope you join us in this quest for a more sustainable future.