Use Your Passion for Sustainable Living to Make a Living.

The Institute for Sustainable Practice at Lipscomb University invites prospective and current students to become the next generation of green professionals that achieve success by using a passion for sustainable living to make a living. The Institute for Sustainable Practice offers innovative, practical and dynamic educational programs that serve undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals alike.


A Variety of Options to Fit Individual Needs.

The Institute for Sustainable Practice offers a variety of degrees for students in all phases of life, including prospective undergraduate students and advanced, working professionals. These options include:

  • Undergraduate Major in Environmental and Sustainability Science (ESS) that covers interests in Ecology, Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Environmental Law and Policy, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Management, Organic Food Production, Agro-Ecology, Environmental Entrepreneurialism and Green-business, and personalized concentrations for nearly any interest in sustainability and environmental issues. 
  • Certificate of Graduate Studies in Sustainability (15 hours)
  • New Dual Degree MBA/MS in Sustainability Degree (48 hours)
  • Master of Science in Sustainable Practice Degree (30 hours)
  • Green MBA program
  • Options for professionals who desire to only take a few classes

For more information regarding these programs, please view the information available on the left. We welcome your questions and comments:

Graduate and undergraduate students visit the Intervale Center in Burlington, Vermont.