Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid is available to assist in offsetting the cost of taking classes during the summer months. Students may also qualify for scholarships and loans. Visit the Summer Financial Aid website for more details on the financial aid application process and details about financial aid available. You may also fill out a Summer Aid request here (undergrad) or here (graduate).

Academic Scholarships
Most academic scholarships apply toward summer tuition on a per semester rate using the following schedule:

Summer Hours Taken
Academic Scholarship % Applied
12+ hours 100%
9-11 hours 75%
6-8 hours 50%
1-5 hours 0%

Stafford Loans
Students should also be aware that the amount of earned hours you have may impact the amount of Stafford Loans you can obtain in the next semester. The table below provides the guideline. For example, if after the freshman year a student has earned less than 30 hours, the student will only qualify for $2,750 in Stafford Loans for the fall semester rather than the $3,250 for students who have earned between 30 and 59 hours. So, taking summer classes may help you get the hours you need to qualify for the higher level of financial aid. Classes taken in the summer semester can affect eligibility for awards already offered for fall if the GPA changes. 

Hours Earned Stafford Loan Amount*
< 30 $2,750
30-59 $3,250
> 60 $3,750

*Stafford Loan amounts are for dependent undergraduate students taking at least 6 hours.


Unsubdized Stafford Loans
Independent undergraduate students or student's whose parent is denied a Parent PLUS Loan could qualify for additional unsubsidized Stafford Loan.


Pell Grant
Pell Grants may be available for some students in the summer semster.  However, due to recent federal financial aid changes, students who qualify for a Pell Grant for the current academic school year and who enroll in 12 or more hours in the fall semester and 12 or more hours in the spring semester, will not be eligible for a Pell Grant for the summer semester.  

Visiting Students and Financial Aid
Due to federal regulations, Visiting Students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid including grants and Federal Student Loans.  Lipscomb University does not offer academic or institutional scholarships for visiting students.  A Visiting Student may apply for a private student loan to fund summer tuition but must notify the Financial Aid Office of the approved loan amount and lender information.

Have Financial Aid Questions?
Please contact the Financial Aid office at 615-966-1791 or to discuss how Lipscomb may best serve you as you plan your summer class schedule.