Vienna Church

Outdoor market in Vienna

We made it to Vienna, and wow, what a beautiful city! We’ve been walking around the city for the past few days and though we’ve seen a lot, there is definitely a lot more to explore. We have become familiar with the church near our house, and it’s a helpful landmark that has helped us navigate the neighborhood in the first few days. If we can find the church, we can find our way home.

The neighborhood surrounding our house here is very quiet and beautiful. We have been grocery shopping in small groups a couple of times already at the grocery around the corner. Some popular items at the store that people have bought include fruit, coffee, among other things. It’s a bit interesting trying to grocery shop when all of the labels are in German. Pictures on packaging help a lot. Some small groups of people have been cooking since arriving. Our kitchens are small but nice, though some of the appliances are quite a bit different.

Our teachers helped us to become more acquainted with the city as the weekend continued. We were shown some famous landmarks, and we’ve had the opportunity to explore on our own. As the weekend went on, we started to use public transportation more, specifically the U-bahn. We are becoming well acquainted with the stop that is near school and the area around school.

On Saturday, Frau Swann showed us two markets, one that is open regularly, and another, the flea market, that is open every Saturday. There were many options for food, and the flea market had lots of treasures to be found. Among the stands you could find old maps of places all over Europe, vintage postcards with pictures of the Alps, hats, lots of antiques and so much more.

Map of Europe and postcards

On Sunday we attended Mass at an old church as a part of our cross-cultural experience class. We couldn’t understand what they were saying but the music was beautiful. We also as a group had a worship service at the house where we are staying. We had an open discussion and some people shared what God was teaching them since being here. It was great to come together and intentionally talk about how God is already working in our hearts and lives here in Austria.

Students and teachers from Lipscomb pose for a picture in Vienna, Spring 2016

The students from Rochester College and Oklahoma Christian whom we are here with are so friendly, and us Lipscomb students are enjoying getting to know these new faces. We have a great group of people here with us, and it’s clear that everyone is appreciative of the sense of community that comes along with this group. Also, it’s fun getting to know students from Lipscomb that we wouldn’t have known apart from this trip, as well as the students from the other colleges.

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