Being a part of the women’s tennis team at Lipscomb University has been such an incredible blessing in my life. Not only have I built relationships with each girl as teammates on the court, but these girls have truly become sisters off the court as well. 

Bible verse written on paper on tennis racquet. Matthew 19:26,

And like the family we are, we each have something unique to contribute.

As one of the most diverse teams on campus, the women’s tennis team represents nine different countries, which brings a cultural variety to our team and a safe (not to mention cheap) place to stay whenever we decide to one-day travel the world. 

By far one of the best things that we have gotten to experience together as a team is going on the road for competitions.   

Our competitive season takes place during the spring semester, so in the fall we spend most of our time training to get stronger and faster. Our schedule is somewhat rigorous as we play tennis every night for two hours with weight sessions two times a week. 

We also play two matches every weekend, which helps us to practice our competition skills. 

Last Friday we got to travel to Indianapolis to compete against Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and Butler University. We have nine players and three coaches that travel, so we typically rent two SUV’s and randomly divide our team into each of them. 

The drives to and from the matches are two completely different stories. 

On the way there – we are mentally locking in and preparing for our match. And although we still goof around, we know we have a mission to be as mentally prepared for the match as possible. And as our head coach Jamie Aid likes to say, “focusing on details is what makes the difference between ordinary people and professionals.” 

Because every Division I tennis player in the country is practicing as much as we are, it is in the details of the match that separates winners from losers. And so that is how we mentally prepare – by focusing on those details. 

I also believe that in everything I do, the Bible is a major key for success. The Word of God is so powerful, and helps my teammates and I find strength and courage in any circumstance. 

One of my favorite verses that I have been taking onto the court with me for many years is Matthew 19:26, which says, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

I took that verse on the court with me this weekend as well, and I am happy to share that our team won both of our matches, which of course made for a very cheerful ride home.

Happy Valentines Day from Lipscomb Women's Tennis team.

And as all of you lovebirds out there know, Valentine’s Day was this past Sunday and the Lipscomb women’s tennis team spent our V-day in the gym, taking care of our muscles. 

After playing four matches in 48 hours, our bodies needed to be taken care of properly. So we spent a good bit of time that day rolling out, stretching, spinning, icing, etc., and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. 

The Lipscomb women’s tennis team is very focused on the meaning of the word FAMILY. Therefore, in everything we do, we try to invest our true self in it, so that whatever happens, we know that we will have each other’s backs.

And because family is a priority for the women’s tennis team, we would like to also invite YOU to be a part of our growing family and support. 

Join us for our rival match this Friday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. We will be hosting Austin Peay State University in our indoor home facility at Whitworth Racquet Club, 405 Elmington Ave. 

We hope to see you there!  

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