Lipscomb gives students many diverse options for their study abroad experience. You can go experience the mountains and beaches Chile has to offer, or experience European culture and languages such as Italian and German in Italy or Austria, respectively. You can even experience the great city of London and see where royalty lives.

Italy is the newest option for Lipscomb students; it is only in its second semester as a study abroad destination. The group of students that was able to go last semester had a great time and the new group of students is already enjoying themselves and settling into their new home in Florence.

The following is a guest post from Savannah Summers. Here is a look into her first week in Italy.

A view in Florence, Italy.

I've been wanting to study abroad since I applied for Lipscomb, and when I heard Global Learning added an Italy trip I jumped at the chance to go to a country I've dreamed of seeing and really immerse myself in the culture. Even one week in I've been both blessed and challenged in ways I never imagined when I applied. It's exciting and scary and full of emotions, but I'm looking forward to everything I'm going to experience in these next couple of months!

Culture shock is real despite the massive number of Americans studying abroad here. The first week felt like vacation: sightseeing, tons of eating and taking everything in. Now that classes have started the truth that I'm living here is setting in. It's definitely a challenge and can be frustrating when trying to do simple tasks like order dinner, buy groceries, and try to adapt to social norms, but it will get easier. Also, missing home is something many students studying abroad don't talk about, and while Florence is an amazing place there have been times during this week that I've really missed Nashville and my friends and family there. However, I am beyond excited to start traveling to other cities on weekends and really explore Europe. This weekend we're going to Venice! Overall, I'm really thankful for the girls on this trip and the ways we've bonded already. It's going to be a great semester!

Savannah Summers, is a sophomore communication major at Lipscomb and is loving her new Italian home. Savannah enjoys writing and this is her first time out of the states!


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