We all come to college with expectations. I came hoping for freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and not a soul was going to stop me. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I knew I wanted freedom. I wanted to redefine myself. I needed a fresh start.

Everyone says your college years are the best of your life. I have no doubt this is the truth, but I would like to point out that it is is not going to be perfect from the minute you step foot on campus. There are awkward moments. You have to make new friends, which I’m sure many are like me and haven’t had to make new friends since elementary school. You might have to room with a complete stranger, which is totally out of my comfort zone, but I have learned to enjoy it. Your parents are not there to make you home cooked meals anymore, and you have to do your own laundry. Plus, there is the actual “school” part of college, which is definitely harder than high school. These are all things I did not think about before. I came expecting the best time of my life and wasn't prepared for it to be difficult right away. Sarah Harden

Since I have been at Lipscomb, I have learned so much that has helped me overcome the difficult beginning stages of college and am now starting to fulfill my expectations along with getting that fresh start I so dearly desired.

For starters, I have discovered that the awkward moments never go away. You just have to learn to embrace them. When you fall down (or up) the stairs leading to the dining hall, just laugh it off. Remember it happens to literally everyone. I personally have my fair share of awkward moments. Sometimes while walking to class I get my hair stuck in a tree branch. It happens.

There’s also that whole making friends part of college.  Let me just say that if you try to impress people to get friends, you will not be happy. I struggled so much with making friends at first because I was trying to be this really cool, hipster girl and fit in with everyone else on campus. Ha! I’m the farthest thing from hipster. When I started to be myself, I made true friends who I don’t have to put on an act for. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! College is the time where you can be anyone you want to be. This is your chance to have a fresh start.

Finally, I have learned it is time to let go of your high school years. Some people hated high school, and it’s really easy to move on and enjoy the college life. I, on the other hand, really loved high school. I loved my friends and being involved. It was all great. The transition to college life has been hard, but I’ve learned not to be the kid that can’t let high school go. Sure, keep in touch with your friends back home, but make new friends too! Do not spend your first month holed up in your room moping about how much you miss your old life. This gets you nowhere! Embrace the change and enjoy yourself! College is fun, I promise. 

All this to say, I have learned a lot in the few months I’ve been at Lipscomb, and I am so thankful for it. Oh how the times they are a changing, and how wonderful it is to be at such a great place while they do.


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