There are three things that people say college kids have to learn how to balance- sleep, school, and friends. They forgot one. Netflix. We have basic needs- a computer, a socket, maybe some food and we are good to go. Internet failures are a serious crisis. On Netflix, I just finished an ‘old school’ show about a girl who goes off to college- Felicity. I love it because through half of the show I’m secretly yelling ‘Amen’ in my head. It almost perfectly displays how college life is.

In the episode I just finished she’s leaving to go home after her freshman year. I think about my own freshman year and feel as if the end will never come, but I subconsciously know that it is coming fast. I know that before I even blink twice college will be done. It’s like the fact that I can tell you the exact moment and place when I informed my mother that I was halfway through elementary school… in second grade. I remember so vividly because I thought that six grade was never going to come. Then, I remember freshman year of high school looking at the big and scary seniors… and I never thought that I was going to be that big and scary. College? Seemed like a whole other world that I would never reach. But the reality is that I’m done with second grade, elementary school, senior year of high school and I’m currently sitting in a dorm full of other college girls.

sarah rooker post 2The future is coming fast. Suddenly some things matter that didn’t necessarily matter before. Like the presidential debate. My friends are watching the debate because they want to. They need to. Some hours we talk about candidates, because we think it’s interesting and important, no one is forcing us to discuss it. This time we can vote and it matters. When President Obama and Governor Romney are talking about student loans and jobs and money… it hits me like a ton of bricks. They are talking about me, about us. Politics are no longer something that old people and parents gripe about. Politics are now part of our lives, part of my life.

When thinking about the future my friends and I have the ‘can you believe’ moments a lot. Like, can you believe that in less than four years we will be done with school (hopefully)? Can you believe that we will be living on our own? We will have to have jobs and pay bills? We could be married in less than five years? Will some of us have kids?

I think that it’s these thoughts that make me want to savor every moment in college. I know that no matter how far off life after college seems it will be here before I know it. So, I stay up till three in the morning talking with friends and watching movies… because in less than four years I probably won’t be able to do that. I spend hours in the library studying because I have less than four years to learn everything I need to know. College is the launching pad into life and I feel as if the clock is ticking faster.


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