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Parents and Family

You are a primary participant in your student’s decision-making process when it comes to education and career. Your encouragement and leadership are important to their motivation and future success.

Some students who come to Lipscomb already know what career path they would like to take, while others need more time for exploration. Either way, there are specific things you can do to make your student’s educational experience as beneficial and memorable as possible.

  • Encourage exploration of new career fields, ideas and values as well as participation in at least one (but ideally three) internship(s).
  • Listen actively when your student comes to you for advice.
  • Suggest that your student visit our office early in his/her educational career.
  • Provide helpful feedback regarding the endeavors your student pursues.
  • Keep your eye out for internship and job opportunities for your student and his/her friends.
  • Follow up on your student’s progress in figuring out what career to pursue.

Encourage your student to visit our career development office early and let us help them find an internship, develop a resume, practice interviewing skills and connect with local professionals.