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What are the policies regarding on-campus living?

For information regarding the policies and rules for living on campus, please see the student handbook, located under Student Expectations

What if I want to live off campus?

The privilege to live off campus is granted under certain circumstances and with the approval of the residence life office. 

Can I have a private room?

Private rooms are granted on an availability basis only. Private rooms can be reserved through the housing reservation process and all residents who occupy a private room will be billed an additional charge per semester.

What is provided in each room?

In each room are:

  • two beds with Twin XL mattresses (new Johnson beds are regular twin mattresses)
  • two desks
  • two chairs
  • a closet
  • two chest of drawers

What should I bring to college?

Download this helpful checklist.

What if I already have a roommate in mind?

If you already have a roommate in mind, confirm your roommate selection at

What if I do not get along with my roommate or want to change rooms during the semester?

Please notify your RA or RHD of the situation. The RHD will work with the housing coordinator to find a new space based on the availability of rooms within the residence hall.

What are the visitation policies?

Students are not permitted to visit rooms of members of the opposite sex except during official open dorm events or upon approval from the RHD.

Can I move in early when returning from breaks?

Residence halls will open the Saturday before classes resume. Please see the residence life home page for important dates and information throughout the school year.

Can I store my belongings over the summer months?

Residence halls do not provide storage space. However, there are several storage facilities in the Nashville area that can be used. Please check with your RA or RHD for information.

What are my meal plan options?

Check out our dining page for meal plans and more.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

See our tuition and costs page.