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Lipscomb Missions Creates Partnerships with Dismas House, a Local Nashville Organization

March 26, 2021

Residents of Dismas House

Residents of the Dismas House

Neighboring as Mission: Dismas House

When our staff sat down to discuss the possibility of beginning a podcast, now launched and named Not a Trip, it opened the door to many other conversations about what we wanted our program to look like, beyond sending teams to serve with our domestic and global host partners. We soon realized that our limited ability to travel due to the pandemic has created a beautiful space for us to focus on the non-profit organizations serving our neighbors here in Nashville. Our hope is that local partnerships will soon become the bread and butter of Lipscomb Missions, that our students will first seek ways to serve in their communities before also considering where God may be calling them to travel. 

Because of this, when Jordan Collins reached out to our team wondering if Lipscomb Missions would want to be involved in the work of Dismas House, it was easy to answer “yes!” Dismas House is a transitional living facility for men leaving incarceration and entering in the free world, focused on the holistic healing of individuals and setting them up for success. “At Dismas House, we believe in second chances,” explained Jordan. “We also believe that when you get out of prison, the odds and systems are stacked against you… We believe that the second chance needs to be nurtured.” He spoke with us about their desire to address every aspect of each man’s wellbeing, from their mental health to emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Due to the wide scope of Dismas House’s services for their residents, we quickly realized that the options for partnership are endless. Jordan shared with us that his philosophy of ministry, especially when thinking about volunteer possibilities at Dismas, can be summed up by these questions: “Whatever skill you have, you must think about where does the need meet my ability? Where do my gifts, skills, and interests intersect in a place where somebody else can use those things?” From tutoring to tech training to art classes, he believes that college students can show up and be in community with the men at Dismas House while using the vocational skills God has given them. 

We are so excited to serve alongside this incredible organization and hope that you will join us! If you are interested in volunteering with Dismas House, contact M.C. Sammons at

For the full conversation, please listen to the Dismas House episode HERE!

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