Where Spiritual Guidance Is Balanced With Nurturing Support

Lipscomb Academy is an intentionally Christian community. We believe that the process of learning and maturing is also one of growing spiritually. We encourage our students to understand every relationship, activity, and challenge as an opportunity to encounter God.

No matter how old your child, we’ll ask them to consider all that they learn and do—here at school and in every aspect of their lives—through the lens of their faith. We teach students to view their personal story as part of God’s larger story, so that they begin to see their lives as primarily about walking with God.

As they grow closer to God, students also grow closer to themselves and others. Through His presence in their lives, they learn to see themselves as His sons and daughters—as reflections of Him and recipients of His gifts. Likewise, they learn to see all people on earth as created in God’s image, deserving of respect and love, no matter their nationality, race, religion, gender, or sexuality. 

Because we believe that spiritual formation is a lifelong, active process, we ask our young scholars to live out their faith in real, meaningful ways. That means encouraging them to engage fully with the complexities of our world, grapple with tough issues, and respond to difficulties with hope, love, and reconciliation. 

At Lipscomb Academy, we adhere to Jesus’ teaching that the best kind of life is focused on loving God and loving others through service. By giving of themselves, students perceive how much they have to give—that is, they see their own giftedness as an embodiment of God’s grace. When students perform service in the spirit of generosity to others and gratitude to God, we know we’ve succeeded in educating young people who live to serve.