Lipscomb Academy Spiritual Formation

No matter our stage in life, each of us is part of a greater Journey and plan. At Lipscomb Academy, we believe that the process of learning and maturing goes hand in hand with growing spiritually. We encourage our students to understand every relationship, activity, and challenge as an opportunity to encounter God. In a city as diverse as Nashville, we understand that no two students will be in the same place on their Journey. As an intentionally Christian community, we will work with every student to help them understand how their personal story is part of God's greater plan. 

Mission Trips
Each year, Lipscomb Academy students have the opportunity to not only partner with organizations in our community but around the world. This year, we are offering eight domestic and international mission trips to Arizona, Baja, Dallas/Fort Worth, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Houston, and India. 

Leadership Opportunities

Chapel Practicum is an application-based high school Bible class that seeks to empower students to plan and lead chapel to make it an experience for students to encounter Jesus. Students also spend time during the spring semester planning the Spiritual Formation Theme for the school. This year our theme is Filled and our theme verse is Romans 15:13.

LEAD Lipscomb is a spiritual formation initiative that provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and opportunities to work as school ambassadors. Each student in LEAD Lipscomb also leads a high school chapel small group weekly.

Mentoring Mustangs provides a unique opportunity for middle school students to gather weekly across grade levels with a small group of students. Together, with a teacher, they process the meaning and impact of the previous day’s chapel message while at the same time building relationships with students and teachers that may not be a usual part of their day.

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