Why Lipscomb and Why Social Work?

The Department and Program

The Department of Social Work and Sociology offers:

  • Major in Social Work and minors in Social Welfare and Sociology
    A Social Work major at the Baccalaureate level obtains a professional degree, indicating preparation to enter the field as an entry-level, generalist social worker, even without further education. 
  • Minors in Sociology or Social Welfare
    Minors in Sociology or Social Welfare are useful for individuals entering people-oriented professions, including education, psychology, family studies, and ministry. 

Social Work Preparation

  • Generalist social workers have the knowledge, values, and skills to work with individuals, families, organizations, and communities to improve the quality of life for all.
  • Lipscomb Social Work graduates are especially prepared having completed over 500 hours of supervised Field Practicum work!

Social Work as a Profession

Social work:

  • use the context of individual environment
  • help individuals fulfill their potential by focusing on, and developing, strengths 
  • facilitate overcoming challenges, dealing with problems

Social workers:

  • Utilize knowledge from the areas of biology, psychology, sociology, and culture to facilitate social work
  • help to make the world a better place!

Opportunities for Employment

Lipscomb Social Work alumni are currently working in Christian and secular (private and public) agencies across the state, the nation, and internationally. 

Our alumni are:

Case Managers Counselors Social Workers
Administrators Supervisors Attorneys
Human Resource Managers    

They work in:

Hospitals Schools Counseling Agencies
Courts Nursing Homes Mental Health Centers
Foster / Adoption Agencies Child Advocacy Agencies Agencies on Aging
Community Outreach Dialysis Clinics State Government
Local Government    


"Lipscomb Social Work graduates are preferred for employment by area employers!**

Advantages at Graduate School

  • Lipscomb Social Work alumni are well-prepared and often preferred for admission into graduate school.
  • Lipscomb's CSWE-accredited status makes academically strong graduates eligible for admission into Advanced Standing programs at the MSW level
  • This means that Lipscomb Social Work graduates can earn a Master's in Social Work within one year of completion of their education at Lipscomb University!