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Alumni Spotlight: Sara Robb

Sara is a 2006 graduate of the Lipscomb BSW program. Currently she is a full-time seminary student at the McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. Sara is scheduled to graduate in May, 2013 with a Master of Divinity. She states, " ... ministry is not something I would have ever picked for myself, but it's been such an unexpected and wonderful gift."

The Lord has placed a tenderness in her heart for the elderly, especially those with Alzheimer's Disease or similar dementias. Her desire is to bring peace and compassion to these victims and their families. According to her blog of Sept. 30, 2012 " ... As America continues to get older, this is an area that will continue to affect friends, ministers, medical staff… humans. In doing this [donating 'Compassion Funds'], one of my great joys in life –  giving – will intersect one of the world’s deepest sorrows, hopefully making me more of the person I was created to be, and ever more like Christ."

In addition to her studies, Sara cares for two enchanting girls: Grace and Maggie (see her blog for their antics and words of wisdom!), and is "mom" to  Ellie and Peaches (cats), and Abbee and Malachi (dogs). In her free time she loves to read, mostly historical fiction, and write about her life and faith.

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