Summer Celebration 2015 Resource Kit Includes:

Keynote You Tube Links from Chris Seidman, Chris Altrock, Dean Barham, Paul Prill, Randy Harris, Kent Brantly, Joshua Jackson, Don McLaughlin, Buddy Bell & Rick Atchley.

Also, a "Keynote Discussion & Application Guide" is available as a downloadable pdf to print for your church's small group or Bible study.

Another unique resource we are highlighting with the Revelation theme is our "Young Preachers' Series: Christ to the Seven Churches of Asia." You Tune links of each preacher as well as a downloadable "Discussion and Application Guide. The preachers in this series incluse: Wilson McCoy, Phil Brookman, Jason Pagel, Toby Levering, Blake McCaskill, Jon Micah Richardson, Jovan Barrington, JP Conway and (host) Ken Durham.

Click on the links to the left to select either the Keynote or Young Preachers' Resources on the theme of Revelation.