SALT Scholar Capstone Project Descriptions


Waste on a University Campus
Decreasing Waste and Consumption on University Campuses

Americans are notorious for using excessive amounts of their limited vital resources, whether it be talking a long shower or driving a vehicle that only gets fifteen miles per gallon. The purpose of my capstone project is to create a ten year plan for Lipscomb to help reduce, and ultimately eliminate, its use of our resources. This plan includes everything from changing the light bulbs to installing new green roofs. If implemented, it could help Lipscomb University become a zero-emissions school by the end of the decade. While the start-up fees for such projects can be quite steep, there are several state and federal grants that could help ease the burden of this massive overhaul. The rest of the money could easily be raised by a slight increase in student fees. It has the potential to save the school millions of dollars. In addition to its financial benefits for the school, the project would also provide more student jobs on campus and open up new areas for specialized study.

Kathryn Underwood

Law, Justice, and Society

May 2013

Kathryn Underwood
Waste Reduction
What the Lipscomb dining service should do and what students should do to deal with this issue

1 billion worth of waste is thrown out in garbage every year at school dining services around the country at Sodexo.  However, what constitutes most of this waste is food:platewaste that students do not eat. Since I have been working at the food service for almost two years now, I have been noticing this phenomenon going on without any positive results: cost keeps going higher as well as waste disposal. So the project is to find out what the dining service should do and what students should do to deal with this issues. This project is composed of the research results on the amount of waste generated at the dining,  survey results from managers, waste sorting and walk through process. And mostly solutions and recommendation to start dealing with this problem.

Soa Razafimanjato
Sustainability Management
May 2012


Has Lipscomb really gone green?
Researching Lipscomb University’s attitudes towards recycling
As a university that so openly markets "Go Green", we are in dire need of an on-campus recycling program. The purpose of my capstone project is to (1) gather statistically reliable primary research on Lipscomb University student attitudes toward recycling and (2) formulate a system in which to implement a successful recycling program onto a college campus. I am also creating a short video that conveys the opinions on students, faculty, and community leaders on Lipscomb's recycling policy.
Jake Morgan
Law, Justice & Society
May 2010