SALT Scholar

The ultimate level of a student’s academic involvement in service-learning is represented by attaining the designation of SALT Scholar, a reflection of significant participation in service-learning activities.

The SALT Scholar is a student who has become an expert in service-learning in the context of our campus and whose investment in service-learning experiences reflects an obvious academic interest in serving others and learning from that service.

Students who become SALT Scholars will have the opportunity to participate as leaders in Lipscomb’s service-learning program. At graduation, SALT Scholars will be designated in special ways, both in graduation regalia and on the graduation program.

To become a SALT Scholar a student must complete the following steps:

Complete Tiers I-III

    Tier I:  One-time service-learning project

    Tier II: Service-learning course

    Tier III: Service-learning approved mission trip or internship or independent project

Determine Project Scope

  >  Focus on service that builds on previous community work

  >  Pursue projects that will help with professional development

  > Identify possible community partners

Work with Community Partner to set project goals and milestones

SALT scholar projects should be "capacity building" efforts

  > Capacity building projects help with community organizations' operations

  > Capacity building work is not direct service (i.e. tutoring), but includes research, fundraising, curriculum development, program design and strategic planning efforts

  > Capacity building projects have a lasting impact past the initial project and help the organization better accomplish its mission into the future

  (for examples of past SALT scholar projects, click on one of the 11 categories listed)

Complete final report for SALT scholar project

  > Submit online questionnaire outlining project efforts

  > Submit final report to SALT Program and academic department (if applicable)

  > Present SALT Scholar project at Student Scholars Symposium

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