Instructions on checking your SALT credits

myDegreePlan 101 for Students

Log into myLipscomb, click Plan in the Launchpad on the left, and then select myDegreePlan (Students). Also, look for myDegreePlan links wherever you normally see GradMap links.


If you have any questions about myDegreePlan, please send an e-mail to

  1. Legend – Explains symbols that appear next to courses, showing the course status.
  2. Submenus – Each Tab (see #4) has submenus that will vary depending on your role (i.e., in this view, the Worksheets tab has 3 submenus: Worksheets, What-if, and Look-Ahead.
  3. (Only for advisors) Find button: This button lets you search for students (if you have access to all students) or view a list of your advisees (if you are an advisor).
  4. Tabs – Tabs will appear along the top of the audit. Which tabs you see will depend on your role.
  5. FAQ Link – Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.
  6. View Button – Allows you to view the format you’ve selected in the dropdown menu to the immediate left of this button.
  7. Help – click here for help text pertaining to the current myDegreePlan page.
  8. Process New – Update the myDegreePlan audit to reflect any changes made in Banner.
  9. Class History – Click here for a detailed class history or online transcript.  A color-coded graph detailing GPA by term is represented under all of the courses.
  10. Print – Click here to print what you currently see on the screen.
  11. Personal Information – Your personal information is listed here.  (Alternate PIN only shows on Advisor view.)
  12. Academic Information – Your academic information is listed here.
  13. Test Scores – Your test scores are listed here.
  14. Degree Progress – Your degree progress is listed here.
  15. Save as PDF – Click here to load a PDF that can be saved to a file or printed.
  16. Log Out – Click here to log out.
  17. Sections or “blocks” list each set of requirements you must complete (i.e., Bachelor of Science Requirements, General Education Requirements). See the Legend (1) for an explanation of symbols that appear next to courses.
  18. Section/Block Header – this header contains information specific to the section or block. (i.e., the GPA listed in the Section/Block Header for General Education applies to the student’s General Education coursework).

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