Service-Learning through the SALT program

What is it?
Service-Learning is an intentionally designed academic experience and a process of learning through reflection on engagement in service.
Why do we do it?
Service-learning provides opportunities to:
  • Apply knowledge and skills to specific service projects
  • Grow and develop academically, spiritually and civically
  • Learn about professional fields and apply theory to practice
Getting Started
Identify the parameters of the experience:
  • How many hours of commitment for this course?
  • Planning for logistics—what is my schedule like? What are my transportation options? What are my interests?
  • How can I get the most out of my time and use this experience to give me insights into my future career plans?
  • Am I taking full advantage of every learning experience?
Next Steps
Plan for the experience:
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator/agency staff person
  • Ask about available opportunities & share your goals and objectives
  • Ask about the agency’s history, mission and client population
  • Learn about orientation and training
  • Schedule your first visit to the organization
What will agencies expect?
  • Interest and participation
  • Feel free to ask questions! Know who to go to at the agency if you have questions or need something to be more effective in your work. Always let your faculty member or Ms. Shatzer know if something happens at the service site that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Professionalism
  • Courtesy & Reliability
Where should I start?
  • Visit the SALT Program website, to learn about service sites.
  • Visit to learn about Nashville area service opportunities
  • Attend the Local Service Fair on campus in September in Bison Square


Click here to download a copy of a service-learning Mind Map that can help you brainstorm possible organizations or causes to work with.