Information for Community Partners

Collaborative work with community partners is vital to the success of The SALT Program.  Our hope is that collectively, through these service-learning experiences, we all will have greater capacity to create positive change in a community where we all reside.

Benefits to Community Partners from Service-Learning with Lipscomb University

  • Increased organizational capacity
  • Enhanced services to clients
  • Opportunity to identify future employees, volunteers and donors through work with Lipscomb students, faculty and staff
  • Opportunity for publicity and future partnerships?

Our Commitment

Our intent is to establish partnerships and develop service-learning projects that are equally beneficial to our community partners and Lipscomb students and faculty, where students and faculty are intentional about understanding your work, your agency and your clients.

Built into The SALT Program is a plan for assessing the satisfaction associated with service-learning experiences and the effectiveness of service-learning projects. The SALT Center is a resource for community partners to brainstorm service-learning ideas and troubleshoot if challenges arise. The SALT Center is also a resource for information, training and preparation for service-learning projects and opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about a service-learning partnership with Lipscomb University, contact Christin Shatzer at (615) 966-7225.