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Campus COVID Statistics

The data below reflects information collected by Lipscomb Health Services on the daily positive COVID-19 tests and the daily quarantined individuals. Data is reported for University and Academy employees, University students, Academy students and a daily total. Positive tests include those conducted in the Lipscomb health clinic as well as test results reported to the clinic that are conducted at off-campus testing sites. The daily total includes academy and university students, faculty and staff. 

This data is updated daily by 11:00 a.m. Monday thru Friday with the previous day's positive test results. Results for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be posted on Monday by 11:00 a.m. The data reports two months of trended data for the Fall 2021 semester beginning with August to September followed by September to October, October to November, and November to December. The quarantine data is published beginning with September 1 and will then be reported in two months increments as well. 

COVID-19 Positive Test Data

COVID-19 Quarantine Data

Vaccination Information

Lipscomb University Health Services provides free COVID-19 vaccinations and can administer both a rapid point of care test that will provide results within 15 minutes as well as a PCR COVID-19 test that is sent to an off-site lab for analysis and typically provides results in 24-48 hours. Students and employees can contact Health Services via email at and by phone at 615.966.6304 to set up appointments.

Regional COVID Resources and Data