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Return To Campus Plan

Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus.

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COVID-19 Update

Lipscomb University Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 update and response.

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Academic Life

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Your faculty are excited to welcome you back to class on campus. They have been working this summer to create classes with a remote option to continue learning for students who have health concerns that limit their in-person class time and in the event of a second COVID wave. Your academic progress and learning are important and we are committed to help you achieve your academic goals this semester.

What will the class schedule for the spring semester look like?

The beginning and ending dates for the spring calendar are the same as originally published with spring classes beginning January 11, 2021 and the last day of finals on May 5, 2021. A few graduate programs, such as pharmacy, will begin classes on January 4 as planned. We anticipate and are committed to providing a full semester of academic coursework so you can continue your academic career path. 

That being said, there are a few schedule changes you will notice in the spring semester. 

  • Spring Break and “Bison Break” days. Breaks within the spring semester have been changed on the academic schedule. The spring semester will mirror the fall semester with a later spring break the week of April 12-16. The addition of three “Bison Break” days will allow for rest during the semester to ease the physical and mental health toll on our undergraduate students and faculty. Offices will remain open but no undergraduate classes will meet. Students with lab classes or experiential classes, such as practicums, clinicals, and internships, that are scheduled on these days should consult with their faculty members regarding their class schedules for the Bison Break days. Bison Break days are February 10,  March 2, and March 25
  • Spring Break Closure Dates. The residence halls will be closed for  spring break from Saturday, April 10 - Saturday, April 17. All residential students must vacate the dorms for these dates. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the dean of housing and residence life. 

  • Remote After Spring Break. For undergraduate courses, the spring semester will continue with on-campus classes until spring break with classes after spring break and finals delivered in a remote format. Residential students will be contacted by Student Life regarding restrictions for returning to campus following Spring Break. Room and board fees will not be adjusted for the remote period following the spring break.

    Following Spring Break, graduate classes will meet in-person or virtually as determined by each course needs and following local guidelines in place at the time. 

  • May Graduation. We will monitor the regional guidelines to determine the format of the May graduation and will provide an update later in the spring semester. 

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Will Global Learning programs happen this spring?

Global learning is a vibrant and important part of our community. As we often say “Some of your best days at Lipscomb will be spent miles away.” Our global studies program has active semester-long programs in Costa Rica, England, Austria and Italy. Unfortunately, given the continuing health concerns and travel restrictions surrounding international travel, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the spring global learning programs.  Our global learning team will plan and offer chapels and other opportunities during the semester for students who plan to go on future global learning experiences.

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Will my spring classroom experience be different?

  • Classrooms. Our commitment is to provide an outstanding learning environment with the flexibility needed to serve remote students.  Current plans include offering courses in the same format options as fall semester, including on-campus and remote.  Faculty will continue to utilize the over 100 classroom spaces  enhanced with technology to enable remote learning.  Each classroom has an appropriate  physically distanced plan  which reduces the number of students in the physical space. Our service operations team will continue the daily enhanced cleaning protocols. All of these efforts are investments we are making  to ensure not only that we are ready for students to return in the spring but also that they have an exceptional learning experience.
  • LipscombFlex. LipscombFlex will offer faculty and students a flexible means to adjust the mode of teaching classes that includes both in-person and remote/online learning opportunities. How each class incorporates LipscombFlex will be dependent on the class content, room design, student and faculty safety needs, and learning modality best suited for the topic.

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Will there be online options?

  • Online Class Options. Given the unique and challenging health situations the COVID-19 pandemic presents, students with health concerns may want to request to take their coursework in an online or remote format. We are equipping our classrooms with technology that will enable students to participate in their traditional coursework either on-ground or virtually. Students who need to participate virtually in all coursework will move through an application process by completing this Remote Coursework Request Form

    • Online/Remote in Traditional Courses. In the traditional class schedule, some fully online courses are offered each semester. Students can locate these courses in the class schedule by selecting to filter on "web" as the delivery method. Students can check the class schedule and see if a course they are already registered for is also available in an online section.  

    • Lipscomb Online Courses. Lipscomb Online (LO) is an academic branch of the institution that offers a fully online learning experience for students. This spring all Lipscomb students can select as part of their block tuition to enroll in any Lipscomb Online courses that meet their degree requirements. Although not every course offered in the traditional curriculum is available in LO, many of the LO courses, especially in the general education curriculum, are online exact replicas of the traditional, on ground classes. Students interested in taking LO courses for this spring can review the course list here. For more information, please contact Lipscomb Online at

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What if I need accommodations?

  • Student Accommodations. As we continue to prepare for students to arrive on campus in January, it is important to us that we provide a safe, productive, and successful learning environment for you. If you have a documented need for accommodations, please contact the ACCESS Ability Program at as soon as possible. 

    • ADA Accommodations for Documented Needs. Lipscomb’s ACCESS Ability Program will continue to provide accommodations for ADA-documented needs. We ask any student who has a request for an ADA-documented accommodation to make your request to the ACCESS Ability Program by completing the ACCESS Registration/Intake Form as soon as possible. The earlier you make your request, the more time we all have to work together to achieve a viable solution to adequately address your situation. If you have any questions about ADA accommodations, please email or call 615-966-6301.

    • COVID-19 Specific Accommodations. The new COVID health and safety protocols at Lipscomb University, as well as the CDC guidance regarding people who are at increased risk for COVID-19 complications, may present additional accommodation needs for some students who otherwise would not need to request them. These needs include lip reading capabilities related to mask design and remotely participating in all coursework for the spring semester due to increased vulnerability for contracting the disease. As with ADA-recognized accommodations, it is important to make us aware of your need in order to support you.

      • Lip Reading Accommodation. The safety protocol of mask-wearing has been shown to be effective in lessening the spread of COVID-19. However, the type of mask worn by a professor may inhibit the ability of the professor to communicate with hearing-impaired students due to the fact that reading lips will not be possible. Also, remote participation in coursework might inhibit communication for these students. In these cases, it might be necessary to request particular faculty to wear shield style masks. To inform us of your documented needs related to a lip reading accommodation, please email To allow us time to evaluate your request and communicate your needs to faculty, please contact us by January 5, 2021

      • Remote Coursework Accommodations. Students with conditions or circumstances that increase vulnerability to contracting COVID-19 as determined by the CDC, may desire to request remote study for spring semester 2020. If approved, this request would mean that a student will engage in coursework in a virtual environment without attending any classes in person. This request is important and serious as it will mean that the student cannot be on campus due to the enhanced likelihood of contracting the virus. To allow us time to evaluate your request and communicate your needs to faculty, please contact us by January 5, 2021. If you are granted remote study status, you will not be allowed to change from that status during the fall semester. Also, be advised that a limited number of courses (i.e., some science labs) will not be able to be delivered remotely. Please consult with your academic advisor if schedule changes are necessary. 

      • If you have any questions regarding any specific accommodations, please email or call 615-966-6301. 

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What will the class schedule for the spring semester look like?

We anticipate and are committed to following the same spring class schedule as originally published with spring term classes beginning January 11 and finals ending on May 5. 

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Will anything be different in my classes and labs?

Yes. For the health and wellbeing of students and faculty, here are some things we are working on related to classroom and lab learning environments:

  • LipscombFlex. All classes will be designed using the LipscombFlex model. LipscombFlex will offer faculty and students a flexible means to adjust the mode of teaching classes that includes both in-person and remote/online learning opportunities. How each class incorporates LipscombFlex will be dependent on the class content, room design, student and faculty safety needs, and learning modality best suited for the topic. For example, in some classes, this may involve students rotating attending class in-person while others join in remotely. 
  • Physical Distancing. Where possible, the physical configuration of classrooms and lab spaces will be arranged to provide students and faculty with appropriate physical distancing requirements. 
  • Masks/Face Coverings. When physical distancing is not possible, students and faculty must wear appropriate masks or face coverings. While wearing a face covering may not be a favorite accessory, the CDC and medical experts advise that wearing one is a primary safety measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is because many individuals who are infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic but are still highly contagious. And, they unknowingly infect those around them. When a face covering is worn properly, it limits the exposure of others to a possibly infected individual. This is a time to put others first, especially those in our community who may be more susceptible to the virus given age and/or high risk health factors. We are confident that our community members will respect others and wear a face covering when it is in the best health interest of our community.  

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What about tuition and fees?

The institution has gone to tremendous efforts to respond to and prepare for the COVID environment we are all finding ourselves in. The millions of dollars we have invested will be evident in the enhanced resources, supplies, facilities, equipment, and staff needed to support and assist students as needed. In the classroom we are prepared to provide students with multiple learning options (in class, remote and online) to fit your needs during this semester. Students will receive a high-quality education regardless of the delivery mode or course format. Lipscomb is committed to your academic and personal growth and will support your learning and development consistent with our mission to provide you with a rich learning experience that is innovative and inclusive. We are pleased to inform you that these additional costs are being absorbed by Lipscomb. The tuition and fees paid by students are in exchange for learning, academic credit and certain non-academic services that will be provided and will be the same whether courses are provided on campus, in a hybrid environment or in an entirely remote or online format. 

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What about room and board fees?

We have received some questions about what will happen to room and board charges if conditions change during the COVID-19 pandemic and the institution decides or is required to move to a fully remote learning and living environment during the Spring 2021 semester. Credits or refunds for room and board charges will not be issued for limited remote periods, such as the remote period following the designated spring break or other short, interim remote periods. If there is a need or decision to change to a fully remote learning and living environment prior to the designated spring break week, Lipscomb will assess the situation and, at its sole discretion, will determine if a prorated room and board credit or refund will be provided. Any approved prorated credit or refund will be based on actual room and board costs billed by the University for the Spring 2021 semester, net of any scholarships, discounts, third-party payments and direct costs incurred by Lipscomb. Credits or refunds will also be administered in accordance with the University's Direct Cost Policy as listed in the University catalog. For graduating students who have already registered for May 2020 graduation, any eligible prorated credit will be first applied to any remaining balance and any excess will be refunded. For all other students, any eligible credit due to a student will first be applied to any outstanding balance and the remainder will be applied to the student's account for the Fall 2021 semester.

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