Course Descriptions

Psychology (PS)

1113 Introduction to Psychology (3) F, SP, SU
An introductory course covering a variety of topics within the field of psychology such as sensation-perception, consciousness, learning and memory, motivation, emotion, development, attitudes and others.

2313 Behavior Modification (3) F, SP
A study of the application of behavioral principles (classical and operant conditioning) to applied settings. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

2423 Life Span Development (3) F, SP, SU
A course designed for psychology and social work majors, though open to all students, as a practical survey of human development from conception through death and dying. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

2503 Behavioral Statistics (3) F, SP, SU
The course provides an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics with applications for the social and behavioral sciences. Special emphasis placed on applying statistical tests to a variety of experimental and quasi experimental designs. SPSS software skills will also be introduced for data entry, data display and statistical analysis. Not open to mathematics majors without approval from the mathematics department. Non-majors need approval by instructor. Prerequisite: Mathematics 1113 (or 23 ACT or 505 SAT score).

2603 Introduction to Psychological Research (3) F, SP
An overview of research methods in psychology with a special emphasis on library research. A research paper consistent with the format specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is required. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

3141 Independent Research (1) Offered on demand
An individual study course in which the psychology major or minor is to conduct library or empirical research under the direction of a faculty member. Course can be re-taken for a total of 3 hours credit.

3243 Human Development and Learning (3) F, SP
A study which applies psychological theories to the classroom setting with regard to:
1) physical, social, emotional and mental development processes of the child from the prenatal state through the adolescent years and
2) learning theories, individual differences, motivation, cognitive styles, and measurement and evaluation associated with the teaching-learning process. Required observation and assessment experiences are included. Open only to students seeking certification in the teaching profession. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

3323 Business and Industrial Psychology (3) F
An introductory study of behavior in organizations, including group behavior, individual adjustments and special groups in organizations. Emphasis is placed upon techniques for motivating and supervising others and upon personnel selection and training in industry. Various aspects of work and career design are considered. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

3413 Social Psychology (3) F, SP
A study of interpersonal human relationships with attention to person perception, attribution, nonverbal communication, altruism, affiliation, attraction, conformity, aggression and attitude formation and change.

3453 Death and Dying (3) F, SP, SU
A study of the psychological aspects of the grief process in facing death and of bereavement in the loss of loved ones by death. Emphasis is upon developing personal, interpersonal and religious resources to assist in facing one’s own death and for helping others who experience such loss. Prerequisite Psychology 1113.

3463 Personality Theories (3) F,SP,SU
A survey of the significant theories of personality development with an emphasis on both historical and current personality theories and models. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

3483 Human Sexuality (3) F, SP
A survey of the complex social, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of human sexuality. Emphasis will be on a responsible view of sexuality as part of life adjustment.

3513 Drugs and Behavior (3) F, SU
A study of the nature and effects of drugs which are involved in substance abuse and those which are used in the treatment of specific emotional and psychological disturbances and illnesses. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

3543 Psychological Measurement (3) F
An introduction to the theory and techniques of psychological measurement, including the various tests of human abilities, attitudes and personality characteristics, along with discussion of various intelligence testing techniques. Gives the student the conceptual framework for more advanced study. Prerequisite: Psychology 2503.

412V Psychological Topics (1-3)
A course to be offered occasionally upon a given topic in psychology, such as “hypnotism,” which does not merit a standard regular status but which may enrich the student’s studies overall. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

4423 Abnormal Psychology (3) F, SP, SU
A survey study of the definitions, history, causes, and developmental and treatment processes of abnormal (maladaptive) patterns of human behavior. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

4433 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3) Offered on demand
An overview of the practice of clinical psychology with emphasis on interviewing, assessment and evaluation, use of psychological tests and an introduction to techniques of psychotherapy and various treatment strategies used in a variety of clinical settings. Ethical and legal issues will be considered. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

4523 Cognitive Psychology (3) SP
A course which focuses on the major theories related to learning with special attention to the study of memory and information processing. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

4543 Biological Psychology (3) F, SU
A course which surveys the biological basis of behavior. The course surveys neuroanatomy, functioning of the nervous system, endocrine hormones and other biological and chemical influences upon behavior. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

460V Internship in Psychology (1-3) Offered on demand
A course designed to provide the psychology major with internship experience in agencies suited to the student’s career goals. This course is only open to psychology majors unless specifically exempted by the academic chair. The student must arrange for the internship in the semester preceding the one in which the course is actually to be taken. Prerequisite: Psychology 1113.

4613 History and Systems of Psychology (3) F,SP
A study of the development of psychological thought from philosophical beginnings with emphasis upon leading theorists and their concepts from 1879 to the present. This is the capstone senior seminar course for psychology majors. Prerequisite: senior standing

4913 Research Practicum (3) Offered on demand
Psychology research projects to be generated by the instructor with the goal of presentation at psychology meetings and/or publication. Strongly recommended for students interested