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A review of ACES Best Practices in Clinical Supervision Guidelines

To assist in creating a strong alliance between you and your new student, we want to ensure that our site supervisors have a baseline level of training. For that reason, we have created an introductory supervision training for two (2) NBCC-approved CE credits, which helps you think through the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision’s (ACES) Best Practices in Clinical Supervision Guidelines (ACES is the division of ACA which is dedicated to counselor education). This document is designed to go beyond the ACA Ethical Code regarding supervision, into the practical, how-to of supervision. It describes the ideal supervision experience.

If you choose to continue working with students in supervisory settings, we would encourage you to seek additional supervision training, as we believe that you will find it very helpful. We aim to provide multiple supervision trainings each calendar year. One such opportunity comes in May each year, with our Caring Connections Conference, which is in conjunction with AGAPE. We will send you updates about this and additional supervision trainings that we offer or feel free to contact Dr. Melanie Morris at melanie.morris@lipscomb.edu.

Please click here to take your CE quiz: Planning for success with your Lipscomb student: A review of ACES Best Practices in Clinical Supervision Guidelines.