Bachelor's in Integrated Studies

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic professional world, the best leaders have the ability to wear many hats. Gain a broad-based, interdisciplinary education that will prepare you for anything. Lipscomb’s online integrated studies program offers a competitive option if you have a significant breadth of transfer work in two or more major areas—or just versatile interests. Combine the competencies you’ve learned across multiple fields to solve real-world social and business problems.

You probably already have some experience, whether in an academic or professional setting. We don’t want to waste your time reteaching the core competencies that you’ve had mastered for a long time. Instead, we want to reframe your knowledge and build up your professional skill set to make sure you have the edge you need to propel your career into eminence.

Choose two 12-hour concentrations in a wide variety of areas that will make you workplace-ready for whatever you choose to do—or, whatever you are already doing. 

Quick Facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Professional Studies
Cost: $525 per credit hour for SetPACE or $6000 for six-month subscription for FlexPACE
Format: Traditional 8-week term (SetPACE) or 6 months of unlimited courses (FlexPACE)
Credit for prior learning: Up to 30 credits in assessment center simulation; Up to 30 credits by portfolio

Our schedule is flexible so that yours doesn't have to be—enter the program and begin coursework in any month of the year. Start your journey now

Pick your PACE


Personalize your educational timeframe with the FlexPACE program.

Enroll in a six-month subscription with one flat fee and enjoy maximum flexibility while taking as many classes as you wish through Lipscomb’s FlexPACE degree program. Similar to popular subscription services, our FlexPACE program allows you to learn as quickly as your schedule allows. Take one class a month, or ramp it up as you go — you and your personal coach can decide what’s best for you! With this degree plan, you hold the keys to your future — and we are here to support you.



Follow a schedule and enroll in our SetPACE degree program.

Through Lipscomb’s SetPACE program, engage in our eight-week class model. Instead of a traditional 16-week class, you can earn the same college credit in half the time. With a one-on-one coach in your corner, focus your attention on the task at hand. We’ll help you navigate the rest.

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