The School of TransformAging

Talk to anyone and you hear stories about individuals caring for aging parents. We use phrases such as “Sandwich Generation” and “Silver Tsunami” almost flippantly and without regard to the challenges that exist for many Americans. Although healthy aging is the goal, many Americans suffer as they age – and their families endure pain and hardship alongside them. Aging issues are universal in nature and most developed countries are examining their handling of the aged in their nations.

Lipscomb University has made a commitment to help find lasting and meaningful solutions to long-term and post-acute care in the United States. TransformAging at Lipscomb University has been designed to achieve five primary objectives:

  • Be a neutral convener of conversations of significance regarding aging issues.
  • Offer the Nation’s most innovative academic programs in aging services and educate a new workforce who will passionately pursue careers with the aging and demonstrate a holistic skill set.
  • Provide useful and timely information and training for both professional and family caregivers.
  • Serve as the catalyst for applied research and design for professionals in the field.
  • Transform public policy and public opinion on aging through extensive thought leadership and educational campaigns.

Lipscomb University has made a commitment to help transform aging issues in the United States and abroad.  To learn more about the initiative, click visit our website at or call us at 615.966.1025.