Admissions Checklist

Applicants to graduate programs must submit the following:

1. Application Form. Each applicant must complete an application form.

2. Application Fee. Each application should be accompanied by a $50 nonrefundable application fee.

3. Writing Sample or GRE/MAT Score. Each applicant who does not meet the minimum GPA requirements below must submit either a standardized exam score or a writing sample. Students who have already earned a master’s level degree may apply to the program without submitting a standardized test score or completing the Testing Waiver Form.

Applicants do not need a writing sample or test score if they meet the following requirements:

  • Five years of professional work experience OR
  • 2.75 undergraduate GPA

Writing sample: In lieu of a standardized test score, applicants may submit a writing sample. The writing sample should demonstrate clarity of thinking, reasoning ability, logic, and strong writing and communication skills. The sample should be an academic or professional document that has been previously written and perhaps evaluated in an academic or professional setting.  Previously published work may also be considered.  The sample should not be something prepared for the sole purpose of admission to the program. Examples can include the following: previous academic work, articles, professional blogs, executive summaries, professional proposals, or professional letters.

Testing Waiver form

4. References. Each applicant is required to submit two references. Please submit either two professional references or one professional and one academic reference from individuals who know you well and who are able to comment on your skills and abilities. Appropriate forms are available as part of the online application by providing the email address of each of your references.

5. Official Transcript(s). Each applicant must submit an official transcript, showing degree conferral when appropriate, from all schools attended.

6. Resume. A resume detailing the applicant’s work and academic experience is required.

7. Interview: After all application documents are received and academic requirements are met, the program director and academic committee will schedule an interview. This may be conducted on campus or over the phone.

All application materials should be mailed to:

Lipscomb University - College of Professional Studies 

One University Park Drive

Nashville TN 37204-3951

For questions about our Graduate Programs or for additional information, please contact us at or call 615.966.1100.

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