Competency-Based Education Program Design - Master's Degree or Graduate Certificate

Learn a new approach to creating and designing educational curricula. Lipscomb’s online graduate program in competency-based education program design equips teachers of all varieties to provide their learners with a unique experience that focuses on content mastery, not just content completion. Master the leadership skills you’ll need to ensure the individual and collective success of your learners.

Acquire strategies for identifying and assessing competencies, develop program-accommodating roles for your staff and faculty, and understand how the competency-based education approach drives profit for you and yields return for your stakeholders. Be a pacesetter for your institution in the dynamic field of teaching and learning.

Quick Facts

Format: 8-week sessions
Start: August,  January, May
MPS completion time: 18 to 24 months
Certificate completion time: 9-12 months
Cost: $14,835 to $29,670

Design and engage your learners in a program that moves beyond checking boxes or jumping through hoops—one that actually delivers practical outcomes.

Required courses

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