Earning a badge isn’t just for scouts.

CORE Badges Backpack - Create customized badges specific to your organization

Examples of CORE badges which are awarded for competences. Badges can be customized specific to your organization. A key component of our CORE program is an e-credential recognition badge system that rates a participant’s level of competency in key areas. Each competency area carries its own badges and levels, with badges being earned as each higher level of competency is met.

These electronic badges can be used not only within your company for succession planning, training programs, and development purposes, but are something employees keep and use throughout their careers.

Those who can benefit from earning these badges include:

Icons - Cap

graduating students who can use the designations on their resumes

Icons - Apple

degree-seeking students who can earn credit for coursework by demonstrating competency

Icons - Briefcase

individuals and groups of employees who want to advance within their own company