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Get a jump start on finishing college by earning up to 30 hours of credit based upon your previous learning experience. Many students choose to participate in a one-day behavioral assessment in our CORE Competency Assessment Center. Competency-based assessment and development provide an opportunity for attributes such as life and professional experiences, as well as personal and behavioral skills, to be evaluated for performance goals, programs and outcomes. It's a way to demonstrate competencies based on where you are in your career, what you've accomplished and what you know. 

Now where you've been takes you where you want to go.

Lipscomb University Adult Degree Program recognizes that certain students bring with them a pre-existing set of college-level competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through out-of-class learning experiences. Through CORE, Lipscomb seeks to provide quality assessment measures to evaluate, through behavioral activities, and reward exhibited competencies with e-credential badges. And, where students possess gaps in competency, we'll provide personal faculty coaching along with self-paced development activities to increase those students’ competency levels.

Badges and e-Credentialing

CORE Badges - Cometencies

A key component of our CORE program is a recognition badge system that rates a participant’s level of competency in key areas. Each competency area carries its own badges and levels, with badges being earned as each higher-level of competency is met. These electronic badges are something students keep and use throughout their careers. Learn more about badges and e-credentialing.

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You can apply CORE competency credits toward a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership or use them towards any other adult degree offering. Within the Organizational Leadership degree, students will enroll in development courses to improve their competency to reach their career goals.

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership

Required Courses Credit Hours
Six Key Leadership Competencies 6 courses x 3 credits each = 18 credit hours
Subject Matter Concentration
(Examples: Aging, Business, Psychology, Restorative Criminal Justice)
6 courses x 3 credits each = 18 credit hours
Two Concentration Specific Competencies 2 courses x 3 credits each = 6 credit hours
Integrated Capstone Assessment Project 1 course x 3 credits = 3 credits
General Education (including average Bible) 45 credits*
Electives 36 credits*
Total for Degree 126 credits

* For students who have received their AA, AS or AAS degrees - or completed some college courses - our team will review your transcript to determine how much credit may be transferred toward your Lipscomb bachelor's degree.  Up to 63 hours from a regionally-accredited 2-year institution and 96 hours from a regionally-accredited 4-year institution may be accepted.

For more information about enrolling in a CORE program, contact:

James Bush, Jr.
Outreach and Admissions Counselor
615.966.1111 or