Earn a flexible online degree at your own PACE.

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Personalize your timeframe.

At Lipscomb, we break down the barriers standing between you and your pursuit of a top academic degree. We are committed to helping you balance your learning, family and full-time job by providing flexible, personalized pathways and individual targeted support. We exist to get  you to the next level in your professional career.

Enroll in our traditional eight-week SetPACE program or establish your own timeframe with our FlexPACE program. Degrees you can earn: Bachelor of Professional Studies with a Major in Organizational Leadership through our professional path, or a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science or bachelor of professional studies with a major in integrated studies through our integrated path. Gain access to a high quality, personalized degree as well as a one-on-one coach and campus resources, online, today.


Through Lipscomb’s SetPACE program, engage in our eight-week semester model. Instead of a traditional 16-week semester, you can earn the same college credit in half the time. With a one-on-one coach in your corner, focus your attention on the task at hand. We’ll help you navigate the rest.


Personalize your educational timeframe with Lipscomb’s FlexPACE program.  With a one-time payment, you will be able to learn as your schedule allows. With a one-on-one coach, set 6-week goals and experience the freedom to earn your degree at your own pace. Take one class a month, or ramp it up as you go. With this degree plan, you hold the keys to your future – and we are here to support you.

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Choose a degree that best fits you, and your goals.

At Lipscomb, your mission can become your major. Our academic offerings are designed to fit your professional aspirations as well as your lifestyle, work and family demands. Choose from two distinguished pathways, our professional path and integrated path – and gain access to the college’s competency-based advantages as well as a flexible, personalized online degree.

Professional Path:

In this path, supplement your experience with a Lipscomb education. This broad-based degree requires 126 hours and features all online classes. Choose from a number of career focused concentration options to best fit your career goals and aspirations. Earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies with a major in organizational leadership to prepare you for a wide-ranging set of jobs over several industries, today.  

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Integrated Path:

Created for students who want to explore two major areas of study, this fully online degree path leads to a bachelor of arts, science or professional studies with a major in integrated studies. Combine business and strategic leadership, or perhaps leadership and psychology. The integrated path required 126 hours and makes the best use of your prior college work. This degree will equip you for a changing workforce environment that demands a variety of skills and knowledge.

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