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With a chill in the air, Christmas lights aglow and the aromas of homemade food floating throughout the air, 200 faculty, staff, student pharmacists, and friends joined together on December 3 for the first annual Thanksmas.

A combination of both Thanksgiving and Christmas, the idea of Thanksmas initially began within the walls of the Lipscomb University Pharmacy School. Sparked by a common desire among the students to celebrate the spirit of the holidays together, the University immediately recognized this as not only an issue of importance within the class but within the school.
A Bison family gathering at its finest, Thanksmas featured a culinary spread unlike any other. Featuring a massive turkey with dressing and all the trimmings, which was generously donated by our local CVS Pharmacy, the event was given a touch of Lipscomb as participates of Thanksmas shared with one another various homemade dishes. With the student body responsible for supplying all of the side dishes and the faculty and staff providing delectable desserts, Thanksmas not only brought the Lipscomb Pharmacy community together over a gourmet dinner but provided us with another opportunity to give thanks.
As students of Lipscomb we have so much to thankful for- our professors who challenge us daily, the local companies who hire us as either interns or employees to apply our textbook theories to real-life situations, and most importantly one another. There is nothing stronger than the bond of the Lipscomb Bison, and I want to say thank you again to everyone for their efforts in organizing the 2009 Thanksmas. We look forward to celebrating the joy of the season again next year.
By: Kayleen Daly, Class of 2012