Third Annual LUCOP Golf SLAM a Success




Third Annual LUCOP Golf SLAM a Success
By: Michael Broome, Class of 2014

Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy (LUCOP) hosted its third annual Golf SLAM on Oct. 8, 2012 at the Old Natchez Country Club. The SLAM, which stands for Service Learning And Missions, is an annual event aimed at raising funds to assist student pharmacists and faculty in serving others both at home and abroad.

“As a participant of both international and domestic missions through LUCOP, I have seen personally how much a difference the resources generated through the Golf SLAM have made throughout the world,” said Jay Dorris, president of the LUCOP Student Pharmacist Government Association. “This tournament embodies the core principles of Lipscomb.”

This year, 25 teams competed in the golf scramble. Funds from the event were used toward the Honduras mission trip taken over the Christmas break as well as various other service opportunities in Tennessee and abroad.

David Ayes, director of student missions for LUCOP, headed up the trip to Honduras again this year. “Our students and the college-sponsored activities, such as the Golf SLAM, proved to be a huge blessing for us,” Ayes said. “The money raised from the Golf SLAM provided almost 90 percent of the medications used during our mobile clinics that were set up in some of the poorest rural areas in Honduras. Ayes added that close to 2,000 people were seen during the three and a half days the student pharmacists were in Honduras.

This year’s event saw the excitement of a hole-in-one shot by Lipscomb’s own Jonathan Fiorella. Fiorella was the winner of a big screen TV. The winning foursome for this year’s Golf SLAM was made up of Steve Davidson, Jason Holwerda, Jeff Simmons and Thomas Hunter.

“We really enjoyed the tournament and were fortunate to have a few putts drop in,” said Davidson. “The event is a great opportunity to enjoy a day at the course and benefit the College of Pharmacy.”

Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy has at the core of its mission a desire to develop pharmacists who are centered on compassionate care. Through events like the Golf SLAM, the college seeks those opportunities that allow its students to grow and serve others. If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in next year’s SLAM, or in some other way help meet that mission, please contact Sandra Hood at