Networking in Anaheim



Anaheim, California was the destination for ten student pharmacists who attended the 45th Annual American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting on December 5th-9th. All ten students who attended the meeting cited their desire to complete a post-graduate residency as one of the main reasons for making the trip. While each of these P3s still are a year away from making that career commitment , it was important and helpful to them to learn more about what to expect next year when they will be making important decisions about the next step in their career pathway choice. Students attending the ASHP Midyear meeting were Evan Braytenbah, Allie Griffin, Savannah Roberts, Celia McDonald, Patrick Nickel, Kristen Kirsch, Chris Stokes, Courtney Thomas, Malarie Leonard, and Ben Turner.
Several LUCOP faculty also attended the meeting to: participate as educational session presenters, network as student chapter advisor, pursue continuing education opportunities , and interview potential candidates for faculty positions at LUCOP. Faculty members who attended were Richard Thompson, Beth Breeden, Zac Cox, and Paige Akers.
In addition to providing a multitude of opportunities to network and learn insightful information with the extensive educational programming, ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting is the site for Personnel Placement Service (PPS) which is the industry’s largest and most widely attended national pharmacy recruitment event. Over 1500 student pharmacists, residents, and practitioners were reported to be in attendance and potentially interviewing as prospective candidates for residencies and open job opportunities with close to 400 employers registered to interview in the PPS event.
The 2011 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA on December 4th-8th.  We expect to more than double the number of attendees from LUCOP for this meeting next year compared to this year. LUCOP has begun the steps to start a recognized Student Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (SSHP) chapter which will include student pharmacists from each class year to get involved.